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As an additive widely used in slurry drilling, FES CP-1 Polymer not only protects shafts from cave-in, but also reduces particles. With the usage of CP-1 Polymer, the residues sitting on bottom of shafts may be reduced to less than 10cm in thickness, and there would not be need to do second time cleanup of the shaft bottom. CP-1 also helps increase the side friction of shaft and hence raises the carrying capacity of the piles. CP-1 is nontoxic, flavorless and harmless to environment.

CP-1 Polymer is composed of modified polymer and more than 10 additives for stabilization, anti-seepage, and anti cave-in.

FES CP-1 Polymer is easy to apply.

  • The Polymer may be flushed into shaft with pumped water to form cohesive mixture after quickly dissolved.
  • After flushing into the shaft, the Polymer may also be pumped out and in by slurry pump for complete mixture.
  • Depending on the characteristic of local water, caustic soda (or sodium carbonate) may be added to adjust the PH value to be 8 to 10.
  • Wait for approx 20 minutes before doing final cleanup of the bottom.
  • Try to avoid repair work on drilling tools in the process of drilling.
  • The slurry level shall be kept less than 1m below ground level. Avoid keeping shaft half-filled with slurry, which could result in cave-in.
  • Make sure to put down reinforcement cage in central position.
  • Do not mix the Polymer with bentonite slurry.