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Piling method - Fully cased drilling with oscillator

Featured with high efficiency and reliability, FCO series casing oscillators are designed to drive casing in depth and under hard working conditions. FCO provides two options of casing oscillators, short type and long type, with the former fit to crawler-based rotary drilling rigs and the latter to cranes. Separate hydraulic power pack is always available.
The construction sequence as below:
Phase1: Casing installation
Firstly with the rotary driver and later by oscillating and pushing the casing into the ground with the oscillator.
Phase2: Drilling
Drill with buckets, auger, core barrel. Stabilize the wall of the bore with segmental casings.
Phase3: Install reinforcement
Cage with the auxiliary winch of the drill rig into the borehole stabilized temporarily by the casing.
Phase4: Pour concrete
Through the tremie pipe into the cased borehole.
Phase5: Extract the casing
During concreting with the oscillator first, later with the rotary drive.

Piling method - Continuous Flight Auger (CFA)

Continuous Flight Auger CFA piling is a proven piling option and has the advantage of minimal noise and vibration during installation, using fast and manoeuvrable equipment. 
It is a cast in-situ process, very suited to soft ground where deep casings or use of drilling support fluids might otherwise be needed. CFA piling is a non displacement piling system; hence the soil excavated from the pile is brought to the surface. CFA piles can be an attractive alternative to conventional bored piles (faster installation) and to driven piles (much less noise and vibration). 
The construction sequence as below: 
Phase 1: Drilling a hole with CFA auger.
Phase 2: After reaching the design toe level, concrete is pumped through the hollow stem while the auger is with draw. And while pulling up, the flight are cleaned by an auger cleaner.
Phase 3: Push or vibrate the reinforcement cage into the freshly poured pile.
Piling Contractors CFA range offers the following advantages:
1, Diameters from 400 to 1000mm
2, Depths up to 30m
3, Able to carry high load/ shear/ moment capacity
4, Minimal noise and vibration during installation
5, Fast speed of installation
6, Can overcome Interbedded clays and sands
7, Can deal with water bearing sands and gravels and penetrate weak rocks

The advantage of pile breaker machine

The innovative Pile Breakers dramatically increase productivity and safety when compared to conventional jack-hammer breaking.
Some of the advantages of pile breaker as below:

  • The pile breakers produced by FES are easy to attach to an on-site excavator, crane or our power pack and do not require special skills to operate.
  • The pile breaker allows to be adjusted by removing or adding links to meet different diameter of piles.
  • The breaking will leave reinforcement intact and guarantees no cracks below the cut off level.
  • The breaking process is many times faster than the conventional breaking and is fully controlled throughout its operation.
  • Wear parts of our pile breakers are very durable and no special skills required for maintenance.