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Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, Foundation Equipment Supplies (China) Limited (FES) is a professional supplier of piling equipment, parts & accessories.


The history of FES can be traced back to the year of 1998 when Mr. Robin Mao, the founder of FES and Ougan Group, started his career in piling industry as Sales Director of IMT drill rigs in Chinese market. For 3 years, Mr. Robin Mao had successfully introduced dozens of IMT rotary drill rigs to Chinese market. After then, Mr. Robin Mao started serving Chinese drilling contractors with more comprehensive solutions including auxiliary piling equipment, parts & accessories, tooling, consumables, pile testing, etc.

In the year of 2005, FES (China) Limited was officially established as a member of Ougan Group, for purpose to develop and manufacture piling equipment, tools, parts & accessories for global piling contractors.

In 2008, FES north American office was put into operation to back up local distributors.

In 2015, FES joint venture in Singapore (Attas Itech) was established to provide bi-directional load test for local clients.


After more than ten years of growth, FES has become a leading Chinese-based supplier of a wide range of piling equipment including:

  • Crawler drill rigs, with various applications including Kelly bar, CFA, dual rotary head, down-the-hole hammer, soil mixing, etc.
  • Pile-driving equipment
  • Casing equipment including casing rotator, casing oscillator, casing puller, casing clamp
  • Micro pile machine
  • Drilling attachments for excavators
  • Parts & components for rotary drilling rig
  • Consumable teeth
  • Other equipment applied in piling industry, such as crawler crane, pile breaker, grab, desander, Polymer for Slurry Drilling
  • Super-cell product and service for bi-directional load test

FES is committed to presenting the best quality piling machinery & parts from China, and servicing global clients on the highest industrial standard.