• FR Drilling Rigs around the world


    FES supplies FR series rotary drilling rigs incorporate high quality global parts and components, including caterpillar base carrier, Brevini gear box and Rexroth motors. The rigs range from 60kNM to 400kNM in torque. Since the introduction of a prototype to the market in 2003, there has been more than 1000 units of FR series drilling rigs sold in all to places in the world

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  • Drilling Tool


    Foundation Equipment Supply (FES) drilling tools have been well proven in tough conditions around the world. The wide range of choices (including rock augers, clay augers, butterfly buckets, core barrels, belling tools, etc.) always enable our clients to select the most appropriate tool to drill. The tools are complete with options of tools boxes to match up with most drilling rigs in the market, including Bauer, Soilmec, IMT,

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  • Kelly Bar


    Foundation Equipment Supply (FES) Kelly bars may be made in either friction type or locking type, in 3, 4, 5, or 6 elements for some special occasion. For the sake of common application, the external diameter is designed to be in universal dimension, such as 273mm, 299mm, 340mm, 377mm, 406mm, 419mm, 440mm, 470mm, 508mm, etc. High strength steel tubing material is picked and heat-treated to arrange production, which

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  • Casing


    Foundation Equipment Supply (FES) provides both single-walled and double-walled casing, known as FC series casing. All FES casing joints are made from high quality steel with special treatment . Computerized machinery is employed to achieve precise measurement. Special tooling is established in case of deformation during welding process. Bolts of joints may be made interchangeable with universal design.

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  • Casing oscillator


    Featuring high efficiency and reliability, Foundation Equipment Supply (FES) CGJ series casing oscillators are designed to drive casing in depth and under hard working conditions. FES provides two options of casing oscillators, the short type and long type, with the former fit to crawler-based rotary drilling rigs and the latter to cranes. A separate hydraulic power pack is always available. 


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  • Spare parts


    Foundation Equipment Supply (FES) supplies wide range of original/replacement spare parts for different drilling rigs, including valve, oil pump, piston, fan, gearbox, sensor, drive, etc. Each component has a warranty and for regular consumers we have big discounts. 



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  • FA130

    Our concept of production is  to adopt the best components  from global market and take  advantage of competitive  labor cost in China to make  the best 
    Chinese-made Quality. We have  developed FA130 anchor drilling rig at the  beginning of 2015, we use our  excellent drilling rig and  equipped with TEI hydraulic 
    drifters in order to guarantee the most powerful,efficient and stable  drilling performance at job  site


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